Rahu Dragons Head Pooja

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Rahu (Dragon's Head) Pooja

 Rahu (Dragon's Head) is malefic in the chart or horoscope, Rahu Shanti Puja is done to negate the malefic effects of the Planet. Rahu / Dragon's Head Puja protects a person from Malefic effects of Rahu as per ancient vedic texts. Rahu puja or Dragon head's worship is done facing south-west to enhance the spiritual process of involution. Rahu is a symbol of material manifestation and worldly desire that strengthens one's power to convert even an enemy into a friend.


Benefit of Rahu (Dragon's Head) Pooja

  •  To be an innovator and generator of new ideas  
  • Acquire wealth, power and fame
  • Attain good physical beauty
  • Gain positivity to fulfill your desires and ambitions
  • Getting rid of consequences from paternal karma
  • Getting over anxiety, frustration, suffering, and poverty
  • Possessing determination to get what you want out of your life
  • Finding victory over enmity and ignorance
  • Overcoming delay in marriage and problems in childbirth
  • Overcoming mental conditions of fear or suicidal tendencies
  • Recovering from infectious diseases like leprosy

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